Payments with Phone Number

End-users only need to provide their phone number and tap a notification

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Provide their phone number

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Tap the notification

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Accept or reject the payment

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QR Code payments

With our simple API, everyone is able to generate QR Codes so that your users may pay with your app

When we talk about everyone, you mean it! Our APIs allow everyone to be connected to your payments eco-system. Depending on your business you just give access to our developer center under your unique Brand & Skin.

How it works

Whether users choose to pay with their phone number, or scanning a QR Code, the experience stays the same.

Step 1

The end-user chooses to pay with your app.

Always in control of their transactions

End-users can keep track of all their payments, top-ups, gift cards and any kind of transaction they have executed. All in real-time.

Acceptance options

Multiple integrations with a single experience

We provide out of box integrations with Point of Sale (POS) 3rd party vendors, PSP and Acquiring Banks under your brand.

Our white-label SoftPOS solution is also available both on iOS & Android

Unattended machines

Unattended payments have specific requirements to tackle, we provide you all the necessary features to support it.

From unattended vending machines to EV charging stations.

Virtual Terminal

Merchants can also use the virtual terminal, an online portal to accept payments, control all transactions, and test integrations.

Popular payment flows are also supported and available for you to customize according to your business requirements.

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Send out payment requests

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Perform authorizations, captures, and refunds

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Developer's center with a simulator, webhooks management, and API's explorer

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