A state of art web dashboard for your merchants

Under your domain, with your e-mail and sms providers.

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Fully customizable with your brand

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A true real-time engine

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100% digital onboarding

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Major features

Virtual terminal

Merchants can send out payment requests through phone number or QR code.


Real-time transactions visibility. Pre-Authorizations and captures. Merchants may also refund end-users - partially or totally.

Developer center

All the necessary tools and resources to enable integrations with:

  • E-Commerce
  • Point of sale 3rd party vendors
  • Unattended solutions
  • Other gateways
  • Simulator

Sandbox environment

We provide you a completely separate instance of your eco-system for 3rd party integrations and developers.

Payouts visibility

Merchants can check past and upcoming payouts at any time.

Merchant onboarding

Onboarding is easy, smooth and lightning fast.

Step 1

Merchants fills out the necessary information to join your payments eco-system.

Why Paycritical

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